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Process description of SurfaceWater - A simplified hydraulic model
Smit, A.A.M.F.R. and C. Siderius, 2009, Alterra, Wageningen, Alterra-report 1226.1.
Study Area Drentsche VeenkoloniŽn - Surface water hydrology for the CASCADE model
Kruijne R., P.J.T. van Bakel, P.I. Adriaanse, J.J.T.I. Boesten, Alterra, 2008, Wageningen. download pdf
Project description CASCADE model (Dutch) view website

Related topics

Assessment of gaseous deposition of pesticides onto surface waters (presentation York pesticide conference)
Jacobs, C.J.M, E. vd Berg, Alterra, 2009, Wageningen download pdf
View platformpresentation York here

Probabilistic model of realistic pesticide concentrations in surface waters in the Netherlands due to spray drift (presentation York pesticide conference)
Holterman, H.J., J. van de Zande - PRI, P. Adriaanse, J.Boesten, Alterra, 2009, Wageningen
View platformpresentation York here

Project description atmospheric deposition on surface waters view website
Development of a methodology to assess atmospheric deposition on surface waters download pdf

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