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CASCADE is a tool for assessing exposure concentrations of plant protection products in systems of small water courses based on good agricultural practice of these products. The scale of the area of interest is typically of the order of 10 kmē. The CASCADE software tool has the following components
  • CASCADE_Drift to calculate the deposition on water courses due to good agricultural application practices
  • CASCADE_TOXSWA to calculate exposure concentrations in water resulting from deposition as calculated by the CASCADE drift component.
An example area in the North-East of the Netherlands has been selected to test the new software tool (see Figure below). The hydrology of the surface water in this area has been simulated using the SWQN surface water model (Kruijne et al., 2008).

view CASCADE area Klazienaveen


June 2009

Recently the CASCADE team has realised the first version of the CASCADE-TOXSWA model. This version can simulate the behaviour of a tracer in the example area of the Noth-East of the Netherlands. On the picture on the right, the model is demonstrated at the experimental site at the Sinderhoeve to members of the research programme committee.

click for larger image CASCADE maquette

Members of the research programme committee at the introduction of the CASCADE model

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